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    At the sound of Kate's voice, Holliday looked up. Kate gasped. From sunken sockets, his eyes glowed as if lit from within. She was used to Doc's eyes, how they often appeared luminous in the pale countenance, sensual and mysterious, but this was very different - frightening. All the more so since his complexion was not pale, but ruddy to the extreme, the narrow face bearing a bright blot of color high on each cheekbone.

    Kate shook off her shock and removed one of her gloves, resting a palm against Holliday's forehead - he burned with fever. "We've gotta get you back!"

    Doc did not reply, but looked at her as if seeing Kate for the first time. "Why did you come?" he asked, his words slurred.

    Kate pulled on her glove and sighed deeply. "Nothing happened between me and Wyatt."

    Holliday nodded. "I know," he replied wearily.

    "Then why did you run off? Why didn't you talk to Wyatt?" Kate shook her head. "I swear, Doc, sometimes I just don't understand how you think!"

    Holliday shrugged. "I needed to be alone - to ponder things through."

    "Well," Kate glanced quickly around, the snow falling in earnest now, even the horses tethered only yards away were almost invisible, "it appears we're gonna be alone together now."


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