S. M. Ballard
Western Author

Susan's upcoming book signing events:

October 25th, 9 to 1 at the Pearce-Sunsites Library for the library's newest fundraising event. Join Susan and local craftspeople for a fun day. Lunch can be purchased from Horst who'll be serving up his amazing homemade brots and sauerkraut! For more info: 520-507-3692.

November 1st from 9 till 4 at Dragoon Daze on Johnson Road in Dragoon, Arizona. Craftspeople, food, entertainment!

November 28 and 29 is Old Pearce Heritage Days in the authentic ghost town, Pearce, Arizona; craftspeople, historic buildings, food, fun and entertainment. As always, admission and parking are free to the public. New this year is the celebration of the 100th birthday of Pearce Elementary School. Come join us in Pearce for a weekend of family enjoyment. All stores in Pearce will also be open for your shopping pleasure. For more info: 520-384-3105.

Come see Susan and witness the once a year coming alive of a real honest to gosh ghost town!

For more info email: or call: 520-384-3105.

See you in Pearce!

    Susan M. Ballard shares a small ranch in Pearce, Cochise County, Arizona with her husband, Brian. She is a member of the Cochise County Historical Society, the Old Pearce Preservation Association, the Society of Southwestern Authors and the Western Writers of America. Her work, both fiction and non-fiction, has been published in Chronicle of the Old West, Ghost Town Trail News, Out West, Voice in the Desert, War Journal and Wild West. Susan is a regular contributor to The Tombstone Times.


Joseph's Coat Roses over archway leading into courtyard.

Young Nokota stallions Lakita's Moon (a grullo overo paint) and Black Powder Smoke (a blue roan) giving Scarlett, our bull terrier, a suspicious look and for good cause.

Ramada out on the range. Constructed by Brian and Susan of hand-made adobe bricks. Roof is agave stalks.

Miniature donkeys, Hunky and Spunky, with husband, Brian. The kiss.

A snowed-in courtyard, 1/22/07. Just to let those in doubt know we do indeed get the white stuff here in Southeastern Arizona!

Sunrise over the Chiricahua Mountains. Photo taken from the living room.

Local fauna - javelina. Photo taken in back yard near pond.

Local fauna - Gila Monster. Photo taken near the horse corral.

More local fauna - a baby Regal Horned Toad. Aw!

As a result of the wetter than normal monsoon season the ramada is awash in Arizona Caltrop.
Adventurous baby ducklings take a dip in the dog bowl. Let's hope the dog doesn't mind.

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